Learn about Projects for Port of Los Angeles Investor Relations, including Pier 400 Corridor Storage Tracks, Berth 200 – Rail Yard and Track, and Avalon Promenade and Gateway Project.

Pier 400 Corridor Storage Tracks

​​This project will extend the existing rail bridge and create five new storage tracks. It will also include an asphalt access roadway, new crossovers and switches, with modifications to the compressed air system of the Pier 400 rail storage yard and bridge. Design is scheduled for completion by December 2019. Construction is expected to begin in summer of 2020 at a total project cost of $34.0 million and includes $21.6 million in grant funding from the State of California Trade Corridor Enhancement Program (TCEP). Estimated completion in winter 2021.

Berth 200 – Rail Yard and Track

This project involves the construction of a new drainage collection system and the relocation of Department of Water & Power (DWP) waterlines located beneath the railroad track grade. Construction began in April 2019 is estimated to be completed in spring of 2020. Total project cost is $6.7 million.

Avalon Promenade and Gateway Project

A companion piece to the Wilmington Waterfront Promenade, this project involves the construction of a pedestrian bridge along Avalon Boulevard to provide pedestrian access to the future Wilmington Waterfront Promenade. In February 2017, the Los Angeles Harbor Commission approved a three-year, $1.5 million contract for the design of the 1,300 foot long walkway. The project will include an arch bridge and entry plaza. Design is underway and scheduled for completion in spring of 2020 with construction beginning in fall of 2020 at a total project cost of $23.8 million, paid for by the Port of Los Angeles. Estimated completion in fall of 2022.

Berths 226-236 – Everport Container

The Los Angeles Harbor Commission certified the Final Environmental Impact Statement/Report in October 2017 for the proposed $65.1 million Everport Container Terminal Improvements Project. In order to accommodate larger next generation vessels, Berths 226-229 and Berths 230-232 will be increased to depths of -53 feet, and -47 feet respectively. The project also includes the construction of an additional 1.5 acres of backland and electrical improvements for five new Alternative Maritime Power (AMP®) connections. Design was completed in November 2018 with construction estimated to begin in summer of 2019. The Port is expecting $5.4 million to be reimbursed from a Proposition 1B Trade Corridors Improvement Fund (TCIF) grant. The project is estimated to be completed in spring of 2021.

MOTEMS Project

The Marine Oil Terminal & Engineering Maintenance Standards (MOTEMS) – Shell project at Berths 167-169 involves demolition of the existing timber wharf and replacing it with a new concrete loading platform, access trestle, mooring dolphins and steel catwalks. These improvements are required to comply with updated standards in the California Building Code. Design is scheduled for completion in summer of 2019 with construction beginning in February 2020 at a total project cost of $36.8 million. Estimated completion in spring of 2023.

San Pedro Public Market Redevelopment

Plans for phase one of the San Pedro Public Market include 16 acres of restaurants, shops, markets, office space, an open-air amphitheater for live entertainment, and a waterfront promenade with ample outdoor space. Design for the waterfront promenade and Town Square was completed in January 2019 and Port construction is scheduled to begin in summer 2019 at a total project cost of $58.6 million. The developer, San Pedro Public Market LLC (the Ratkovich Company and Jerico Development), is slated to invest approximately $100.0 million in the redevelopment. The San Pedro Public Market is expected to open by summer of 2021.