Learn about Projects for Port of Los Angeles Investor Relations, including Pier 400 Corridor Storage Tracks Expansion Project, Berths 302-305 – On-Dock Rail Expansion Project, and The Avalon Pedestrian Bridge.

Pier 400 Corridor Storage Tracks Expansion Project

The existing Pier 400 rail storage yard is in need of expansion in order to accommodate future rail volumes on Terminal Island. The project scope includes a concrete rail bridge with lighting, six new railroad storage tracks, an asphalt access roadway, new crossovers and switches, as well as modifications to the existing compressed air system of the Pier 400 Rail Storage Yard and Bridge. Work also includes the relocation of a portion of the Pier 400 lead track onto Port property, realignment of the track connection to the existing rail storage yard, modifications to Reeves Avenue, and relocation of the existing at-grade crossing at Nimitz Avenue to Reeves Avenue. The project is currently budgeted at $49.8 million and was awarded approximately $21.6 million of California Trade Corridor Enhancement Program (TCEP) federal funding by the State of California. Construction is expected to start in late 2021.

Berths 302-305 – On-Dock Rail Expansion Project

This project will increase on-dock intermodal railyard capacity by a projected 520,000 TEUs. This enables more cargo to be loaded onto trains via the on-dock railyard within the terminal instead of off-dock railyards. Shifting the loading of these containers to ondock rail enables the BNSF railway and Union Pacific Railroad to transport import and export containers to/from the Port of Los Angeles (POLA) and the rest of the nation in a safer, more efficient, rapid, and cost-effective manner, via the Alameda Corridor. The project cost is approximately $40.5 million and the Port is receiving a grant totaling $18.2 million dollars from the Fiscal Year 2019 United States Department of Transportation (US DOT) Port Infrastructure Development Program (PIPD). Design completion is scheduled for early 2022.

The Avalon Pedestrian Bridge

The Avalon Pedestrian Bridge will be the first of the two phases. It will provide safe and direct pedestrian access over the Pacific Harbor Rail Line train tracks and realigned Water Street to the future Wilmington Waterfront Promenade. In February 2017, the Los Angeles Harbor Commission approved a three-year, $1.5 million contract with engineering firm T.Y. Lin International to design the 1,300-foot-pedestrian bridge.  The total project cost is $23.8 million with Measure M grant funding of $8.1 million from Metro. Construction is expected to start in the summer of 2022.

Berths 226-236, Everport Container Terminal Improvements

Starting in September 2019, the $65.2 million Everport Container Terminal Improvement Project involves the deepening of its berths and terminal facility improvements, which will allow the terminal operator to accommodate the larger next generation vessels. The project will increase berth depth from -45 to -53 feet at Berths 226-229, and increase berth depth to -47 feet at Berths 230-232. The project also involves the construction of an additional 1.5 acres of backland and electrical improvements for five new Alternative Maritime Power (AMP®) connections, as well as electrical infrastructure for three additional container cranes. Total project cost is $65.2 million, though $5.4 million is expected to be reimbursed from a Proposition 1B Trade Corridors Improvement Fund (TCIF) grant. Estimated construction completion is in late 2021.

Berths 238-239 – MOTEMS – PBF Energy

The Port is finalizing design of a new marine oil platform at the PBF Energy Oil Terminal to comply with MOTEMs health and safety regulations. The proposed $25.7 million project will entail a new marine oil terminal at Berth 238, consisting of a new 125 ft. X 62 ft. unloading platform, berthing and mooring dolphins, catwalks and an access ramp. The project will also require the demolition of the two existing unloading platforms at Berths 238 and 239, as well as other existing mooring and berthing dolphins. The new 30-year lease for the project was executed in May 2019. Construction is expected to begin in 1Q 2022.

San Pedro Public Market

The project sits on 42 acres and will consist of a diverse offering of food, beverage, entertainment and recreational attractions that will serve as the centerpiece of the Port’s investment in the LA Waterfront.  San Pedro Public Market will be a reinvention of the historic San Pedro Ports O’ Call property that creates an entirely new harbor- side district, rooted in its authentic past. A world class destination celebrating the best of everything that LA has to offer. Renowned chef driven restaurants, seafood markets, artisan craft beers and live entertainment. San Pedro Public Market is being jointly developed by the Ratkovich Company and Jericho Development with an initial investment of approximately  $100 million and is expected to open in late 2023.