Environmental Program and Green Bonds

Please see below for information regarding the Port of Los Angeles' Environmental Program and Green Bond Issuances

Green Bonds Issued
First U.S. Port to Issue Green Bonds
First Issuance: 2016
Environmental Management System Certified Under (ISO) 14001
Certified Since 2007

About Our Program

Environmental Sustainability Program

Facilitating global trade while protecting the environment is a delicate balance at the nation’s largest trade gateway. To strike that balance, the Port is leading the way internationally to reduce air emissions, improve water quality, modernize facilities, and cultivate new technologies that will help ensure good jobs and a brighter future for millions of people.

Achieving this balance requires far-reaching vision and 24/7 commitment. From revolutionary air quality initiatives and numerous efforts to incorporate alternative fuels to reduce fossil fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, the Port is on the forefront of environmental change in the port and maritime industries. This is demonstrated by it being the first major west coast port to obtain third-party, independent, certification under the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 14001 in 2007 for its pilot Environmental Management System (EMS). In 2015, the program was recertified under the updated standard, indicating the ongoing commitment of Port management and staff to continuous environmental improvement.

Green Bonds

The Port of Los Angeles was the first U.S. port to issue sustainability bonds (Green Bonds) to support projects and companies making a positive social and environmental change. Since 2016, the Port of Los Angeles has issued $50,880,000 of Green Bonds, all verified as such by Sustainalytics. These issuances are comprised of our Refunding Revenue 2016 Series C (NON-AMT) Green Bonds, Refunding Revenue 2019 Series C-1 (AMT) Green Bonds, and Refunding Revenue 2019 Series C-2 (NON-AMT) Green Bonds.

To be categorized as a “Green Bond” by Sustainalytics the issuance must have funded projects that fell under the following criteria:

1. Renewable Energy

2. Green Buildings

3. Clean Transportation

4. Pollution Prevention and Control

5. Terrestrial and Aquatic Biodiversity Conservation

The Green Bonds issued by The Port of Los Angeles have been earmarked to fund the following initiatives:

Refunding Revenue 2016 Series C (NON-AMT) Green Bonds, $35,205,000:

- Harry Bridges Boulevard Buffer

- Police Headquarters (LEED certified Building)

- Cabrillo Shallow Water Habitat

Refunding Revenue 2019 Series C-1 (AMT) Green Bonds, $4,995,000:

- Bolsa Chica Wetlands Restoration

Refunding Revenue 2019 Series C-2 (NON-AMT) Green Bonds, $10,680,000:

- World Cruise Terminal Solar Panel Installation at Berth 93

- Police Headquarters (LEED certified Building)

- Electric Truck Program

- Berths 171-173 Environmental Site Remediation